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Heyyy eeverybodyy~
Here I want to announce that I've got a tumblr page! >u< It will be an art blog, I'll upload there my drawings, sketches, drawing process, etc.
Now I have only one entry, but soon I'll make more xD
You can check it out here:
Hope you like it, bye! \(`•w•`)/
I'm sorry for haven't answer to anyone of the comments you have post since an hour(I think it was an hour), but I have some problems with DA. I don't know why, but I can't reply to your comments, or comment on my profile or in yours, but I can only write on the Journal Entries(that's why I am doing it XD). Sooo...yeah, if I don't answer to you is because of it.

PD: I'm sorry with SweetyDraw specially because she's the last person who has comment my deviations "'e.e Thanks for watch me, I'm glad you like my gallery and had comment on "Winter Song", too >w<

PD2. If someone knows things I can try for this, I'll be very grateful n.n
Aaaagh! I have broken my finger nail! It hurts YnY Ok, that's good for my first Journal XD Well, I'm gonna change the subject: soon, I'm going to upload a new drawing(I have had exams, sorry for not be able to draw u.u). It will be about clocks and a doll(yay, I'm strange people!).
Ah, I think I'm gonna eat some lemon ice cream. Bye! ♥